February 28, 2020

Confluence Resort Wedding in West Virginia


by WV Wedding Videographer, Tyler Booth

I’m glad this wedding was on the blog schedule today. It’s making me miss fall! It also takes place at one of my favorite wedding venues in the state of West Virginia – the Confluence Resort. This venue is located in Hico, which is in the Fayetteville-area. The Confluence Resort is private & scenic, providing couples with the perfect location for a good time. The venue hosts a couple of cabins for guests to stay in as well as nice options for reception spaces. From my perspective as a videographer I love that this property provides so much variety in a small area. There’s a vast field, a pond, lots of trees, an overlook with views of the New River & under the overlook is a rock formation that has become popular with couples.

One thing that makes this wedding different than others I’ve filmed is that Jamie wanted me to fly my drone during the ceremony. If you know anything about drones then you know most of them are extremely loud. The sound is similar to a hive of bees, so I knew I had to do this strategically. For one, I had a great assistant to take care of the pivotal shots of the ceremony. (Meaning every straight-on angle.) It took the entirety of the ceremony for me to get my drone into the air, get my shots, and to bring it back to the ground. So I couldn’t focus on any other angle but these aerial shots. I’m so glad Jamie requested this angle because I was able to get such unique shots that I’m never able to get of the ceremony. Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to do this at most weddings. Due to the venue’s property being so large I was able to take my drone off at a point where it was unobtrusive and you couldn’t hear it until it was right above the ceremony space. Luckily I was able to get my shots quickly, so guests maybe heard the drone for 15 seconds. Jamie knew it would emit some noise, but she wanted these shots so badly that she didn’t care. I’ll take clients who want the awe-inspiring shots above all else any day of the week!

Interested in a West Virginia wedding film of your own? Click this link & let’s talk about me being your videographer. I’d love to tell your story!

Photography: Emily Ferguson Photography
Venue: Confluence Resort


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