“Why should video be part of my wedding day?”

-We understand not everybody budgets for a cinematographer, because cinematography is fairly new to the wedding world. People might be hesitant to make video a priority, but if you think you’re wanting a wedding video now it’s likely you’ll regret it later if you don’t get one. We are able to preserve so much more than a still image. Video allows you to relive the day in a different way by hearing the sounds and seeing the emotion.

“How can we reserve our date?”

I’ll send you a booking proposal containing a contract that, once signed, holds your date. A retainer fee is also required, with the remaining balance due (30) days before the event.

“What goes into making “highlight” films?”

1.) We review all the footage captured to select the best clips.

2.) We select music for your film. 

3.) Once we have the music selected we begin putting your story together. We strive to create scenes that pair perfectly with the music selected. This is important to keep viewers emotionally involved. 

4.) We spend weeks putting your video timeline together until we reach a “1st cut.” We then watch the 1st cut over and over making minor tweaks along the way.

5.) Once we feel your film is finished and up to our standards we will color grade the film. This involves: color and white balance correction, and maybe a boost in contrast.

“How do you choose music for your films?”

-We are careful about the music we choose for our films. We license all music through sites with talented artist from many different genres.

“How long will it take to get my film?”

–   10-12 Weeks

“How do you work with Photographers?”

-Working with a great photographer is crucial to our film. We love to coordinate a timeline with them to get the most out of your day. We also love to collaborate on angles so we can avoid being in each others way as best as possible. Communication is key!

Speaking of great photographers: LaurenLovePhotography.com