My name is Tyler Booth and I’m the creator of Top Shelf Film Co.
I can usually be found under a Redsox hat, holding a Playstation controller. I grew up and live in beautiful Charleston, West Virginia. I believe in working hard and doing things the right way. This is true in my personal and professional life – I believe a lot of that philosophy goes into my work as a cinematographer. I strive to do my absolute best to produce a film that is something special to you and is ultimately a family heirloom.

My interest in wedding cinematography came from my time second shooting for my wife, Lauren, of Lauren Love Photography. Through shooting still imagery with Lauren I realized I had an even greater interest in moving imagery. So far my dreams of crafting love stories have taken me to amazing places such as Alaska and Costa Rica. I’ve also been blessed to shoot many weddings in and around the state of West Virginia. I want to craft something that will be with you the entirety of your life, and for generations after. Your marriage is so much more than your wedding day. My goal is for you to be able to look back and see how you felt when you saw your bride for the first time, or the moment that you and your grandmother embraced each other.
When it comes to my style, I’d say I have a cinematic approach to filmmaking. I love taking the romance involved in a wedding day and turning those natural, unscripted moments into stunning visuals & gripping audio that tell a complete story of your love.